Get the look: Timber

Habitat Wood Everstone

Written by: Alana
Posted: January 16, 2015

With its beautiful warm tones, natural grain and lovely texture it’s not hard to see why timber is a popular choice for many interior applications. Most people can appreciate the natural beauty of timber however it is not always an ideal material for a variety of reasons. The main draw backs are that it can shrink and expand with change in temperature, unsealed it is porous and can be easily scratched and in high traffic areas stripping and sanding will be necessary every few years. Thankfully if you are set on the look of timber in any area of your home there are many solutions that come in the form of ‘timber look’ ceramic and porcelain tiles.

Habitat Wood Everstone

‘Habitat Wood’ Everstone

The benefits of ‘timber look’ tiles are especially apparent in wet areas and include no need to seal, no warping and in many cases lower cost. At Affordable Tiles we have a great range of porcelain timber look tiles available with every colour from off white through to black and a variety of textures from polished to course.


With their increasing popularity in recent years there is now a wide range of designs, sizes, and colours being continuously released into the market, with the realistic look and feel of natural timber improving all the time. This is great news if you want this look in your home as it means the price is competitive and you can achieve almost any outcome you desire for your design. Below are some examples of timber look porcelain. Can you tell if they are natural timber or tiles? Neither could we!

Aborea Everstone

‘Aborea’ Everstone

Urban Wood Everstone

‘Urban Wood’ Everstone