Get The Look: Marble

Marble Tiles Adelaide

Written by: Alana
Posted: April 1, 2014

So you were thinking Marble for your home due to it’s stunning appearance but have now found the cost and on going maintenance to be a possible issue. Well don’t fret, due to advances in technology tiles are now being manufactured to look remarkably close to the real thing. Below I will compare natural marble to the porcelain alternative which may be just the solution to having a beautiful, maintenance free tile that comes in at budget!

Natural marble is popular for its distinct natural patterning and  timeless beauty. It can fit perfectly in a wide variety of schemes from traditional to contemporary. Unfortunately, as with all natural stones, marble is quite porous and requires sealing and maintenance which may be ongoing depending on the area it is used in. It’s cost can vary significantly but you would usually be spending somewhere around $100m2 and upward, which can push it out of many peoples budgets.


Above: Everstone Euromarmo Calacatta Polished Porcelain


Marble had a distinct unique patterning and it has long been thought that the only way to achieve the beauty of natural marble was to in fact use natural marble. This is no longer the case as the printing technology is becoming so advanced that once the tiles are installed it can be virtually impossible to tell the difference between the porcelain version and the real thing. There is little pattern repeat ensuring each tile appears individual. The colours and veins also appear natural with realistic tones and less of that pixelated look you may have come across in the past.

Majority of porcelains these days do not require sealing and are very easy to keep clean. Porcelain  is also one of the most durable materials and the marble look can be purchased  for around $50m2, making it half the price of natural marble. It is available from most tile stores in many  finishes and colours depending on the look you are trying to achieve.

Below are other examples of the realistic appearance that the porcelain can achieve.


Above: Everstone Marmi Italiani Beige Pietra Di Luna 2 Polished Porcelain


Above: Everstone Euromarmo Grigio Polished Porcelain

Now I am certainly not suggesting not to use the real thing where possible as I am a HUGE fan of marble  but I thought it important to give the alternatives as most people appreciate the beauty of natural stone but may believe it is not a possibility due to lifestyle or budget factors. I hope this post has helped those of you who were thinking real stone may not be an option to realise that luckily technology is on your side and you may just get the surface you were hoping for after all. For more examples of marble and other stone look porcelain go to or to see samples visit Affordable Tiles